Classical Design is Golden!

Ocala is becoming the new epicenter of the Equestrian lifestyle. With the development of the World Equestrian Center already in full swing, the residential phase of the area is beginning to come to life as well.

The residential design for the properties (ranging from smaller lots up to and beyond 3-acre estate lots) is to be guided by its visionary owner Mary Roberts. MJS Custom Home Design is proud to be at the forefront of the development of the classical period style residential design for the 600 lot community. The community is to include The Stables, a 30 stall structure complete with welcome lounge, full kitchen, laundry, and medical amenities including a caretaker's cottage at the service of the equestrian community.

The period style design thrust is to capture the French Country house design with an Equestrian flair, paying particular attention to detail scale massing, and finishes which capture the essence of Old-World architecture.

Partial view of The Stables

Caretaker's Cottage

Custom House concept

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