Contemporary Vacation House - fun in the Florida sun!

Vacation houses should be fun places. I remember looking forward every summer to going down the Jersey Shore to "Aunt Mary's Bungalow." It was about a two hour trip down the Garden State Parkway back in the day from our house in North Jersey.

Aunt Mary's Bungalow was a two-bedroom, 1,200 square foot one-story house with a wrap-around porch on a lagoon lot in Bayville. We would sleep on the pull-out couch, eat on the porch, and spend every other glorious minute on the water catching blowfish, row boating, or going crabbing.

When I design a vacation house, I know just how much fun they can be even if no one sleeps on a pull-out couch anymore. This vacation house is a great example of pulling out all of the stops with the creative use of windows, balconies, and large open spaces.

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