Curb Appeal on a Corner

Corner houses need to be designed with two front elevations - sadly, many are not.

Any house designed for a corner lot must take into account that the house will have two front elevations. We at MJS Custom Home Design excel in great corner house design. As you can see in this latest contemporary house, both sides of this house are spectacular and dominate this corner lot.

Not only does this house have great curb appeal, it is also a courtyard design that gives privacy to the entertaining area.

Notice the frame at the courtyard to which the screen enclosure will be attached. This way the screen becomes part of the design rather than something added afterward, which is the case in many house designs.

The large fascia wide overhangs lessen the roof which was the client's preference since flat roof designs were not allowed in the community. The three materials, ceramic wood used on the walls and ceilings along with stone and stucco tastefully integrate into the design of the house.

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