Upscale Eatery with Glass-Roofed Atrium

World Equestrian Center, Ocala to build Upscale Deli/Eatery/Banquet Facility with a landmark glass-roofed atrium!

The World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida is expanding to the Village Shops, a pedestrian-friendly development with the capstone being DeRomo's Gourmet Delicatessen and Restaurant and The Equestrian Catering and Banquet Center.

All three venues will be joined by a five-story glass-enclosed hexagonal aviary to be called The Atrium. The aviary-bird-filled Atrium will connect the Deli, Restaurant, and The Equestrian Banquet Center above the restaurant.  The gourmet deli will feature fresh produce, meats, cheeses, a pasta and pizza station, bakery and coffee house, specialty foods, a Sushi Bar, as well as made-to-order gourmet food, flower, and candy baskets. A concierge will be available for home delivery or while eating at the restaurant. The deli will have guest chefs offer cooking classes in the market as well as guest authors for cookbook signing events. 

The restaurant will be open for weekend brunch, daily lunch, and dinner in an open kitchen concept with the dining room overlooking the beautiful lake and boardwalk with outdoor seating, and a bar with a glass wall that will open up onto the patio for outdoor enjoyment. The bar area will also feature a humidor, wine tasting room and a sumptuous lounge seating area.

A grand staircase will lead up to the banquet halls with an Equestrian-themed mural being the centerpiece of the staircase.  The Equestrian will have up to four banquet and meeting halls, a few being "The Colt" room for small meetings and gatherings, "The Stallion" for larger banquets, and "The Palomino Grand Banquet Hall," suitable for weddings for up to 200 people. It will feature a raised horseshoe-shaped, glass-enclosed dais for the head table. The upper halls will overlook the Atrium below with its hexagonal glass ceiling perfect for photo-shoots, as will the outdoor balcony overlooking the boardwalk below which encircles the lake. 

Design Philosophy

DeRomo's: Not just a deli/restaurant but an experience everyone will remember!

The Atrium: The Atrium joins the market deli and the restaurant in a way that creates something unique and beautiful, especially since the weather in Ocala is less temperate, and having a beautiful space like the Atrium enhances the total WEC experience. From the moment you walk into the climate-controlled Atrium, you are surrounded by an interior green space with trees, tropical plants, and flowers bathed in light from a glass roof, a beautiful water feature with seating, and at the centerpiece a tree with lights and birds to create an exotic Aviary. 

At the far end of the Atrium, a grand staircase can be seen that ascends to The Equestrian Banquet & Catering venue. A large Equestrian themed mural is on the back wall of the stair tower.

To the left, through walls of glass, you will see inside the Market. The floral/gift department is strategically located so that diners will be encouraged to pick up flowers or gifts for their special dinner.

As patrons await their tables in the Atrium, they can stroll through the Market or enjoy a drink sitting at bistro tables like in a Paris café. Market-goers can even put in an order for food with the Concierge and have their items ready when they leave.

The Restaurant: The open kitchen design of the restaurant itself includes a main dining room with booth and table seating overlooking the patio through walls of glass.  On busy evenings, the bar becomes overflow seating for the restaurant and perfect for a more intimate yet informal dining experience. There is also a lounge area that’s perfect for those wishing to enjoy a relaxing time with friends before their meal. There is also a small wine-tasting room and a Humidor room to add ambiance. The bar itself has a sliding wall that opens for seating in the patio area. The bar is separated by a wine wall from the main dining room.

The Market: The two main entrances to the market are from the Atrium and from the parking area on the opposite side. This way the market can be accessed by those dining at the restaurant as well as those wishing to enjoy the Atrium while shopping in the market who would be dining afterward. The convenient entry to the market proper is close to parking for those who just wish to shop.

The third entry is semi-exclusive for the Bakery and Coffee and Pizza Bar so that they can have extended hours over and above the general market hours. The area also has both indoor and outdoor patio seating with access to the bulk coffee area of the market.

The design of the market is such that there will be no long lines blocking the generously sized aisles. Instead, the design creates a natural cue for those placing orders or awaiting their number to be called. All the open spaces have movable display (refrigerated) carts and tables to move merchandise around for seasonal marketing and for special occasions like cooking classes and special guest appearances by chefs and others.

The Fish Department will house a Sushi Bar area as well as fish favorites. Specialty sections in the market are grouped the way one would be planning a party; the Wine & Cheese departments are side by side, and the Produce and Salad Bar are together as well. The fresh meat department will have a see-in butcher shop as will the Bakery and Floral/Gift Shop, viewed through the windows in the Atrium.

The back of the house is generously sized with ample room for refrigerated storage for all departments as well as ample room for dry storage placement and for putting together orders to be delivered. The expanded kitchen will easily support the catering facility on the second floor.

The design philosophy centers around creating visual impact in all areas of the building and where the dining and shopping experience is taken to new heights.

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